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Fishtown of Usan, Scotland

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Erected in 1822, Fishtown of Usan was once a thriving fishing village, but unfortunatley its buildings have now fallen into ruin.  The most notable structure is the lookout tower, which is  at high risk of further deterioration since it is missing both a roof and floor.

This 13th century settlement was once a bustling, lively fishing community with single story cottages and successful trading. While the fishermen were out the sea, the women and wives used to make regular trips to nearby communities to sell their goods.

Fishtown of Usan is situated in an ideal location on a bay near Montrose. Without much encouragement, it is possible to imagine this little village springing back to life as you walk down its single, overgrown street.

The Wild Scottish Salmon Company still operates nearby, although it’s one of the last family run businesses of its kind in the region.