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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Real Scottish Haggis

This is a Scottish traditional recipe. You will need to modify with modern ingredients as required.

1. Procure a large stomach bag of a sheep, as well as its liver, lights and heart. The bag must be well washed, first in cold water, then plunged in boiling water and scraped.

2. Then soak it in cold water and salt all night.

3. Wash the pluck and soak in ocld water and salt.

4. Boil pluck (which is liver, lights and heart) for 14 hours. In boiling, leave the windpipe attached and let the end of it hang over the edge of the pot so that the impurities may pass freely out. When cold, cut away the windpipe and any bits of skin or gristle. Grate or put through the mincer, adding 1/2 lb. suet.

5. Mix all this mince with 2 cupfuls of oatmeal, previously dried before the fire, 1/2 pint of the pluck liquid, season with pepper and salt.

6. Fill bag only a little more than half full to leave room for meal to expand. Sew up the bag, put in a pot with boiling water. Prick occasionally with large needle to allow air to escape. If the bag seems thin, tie it in a cloth. Put in plate to prevent sticking to bottom of pot. Boil 3 hours and serve.

NOTE: Instead of using a bag, make an ordinary suet paste of 8 oz. flour, 4 oz. suet, 1 teaspoonful baking powder; mix with cold water. Roll out paste, lay haggis inside and roll up. Lay in scalded floured cloth and steam for 3 hours.