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Scotland’s Lost Country Houses

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Have you ever taken a drive through the Scottish countryside and come upon a dilapidated structure and wondered what led to its demise? Or have you heard tales about demolished historical estates and want to know where they once stood?

There are many reasons Scottish estates have fallen to ruin during the 20th century, and Dr. Alastair Disley has been researching them since 2002. He opened his Scotland’s Lost Country Houses website in 2006 and since then he has been managing this fabulous non-commercial resource without any assistance from the public body. The result is nothing short of a gift to Scotland or anyone interested in Scottish history.

To date, Disley has included 530 lost country houses, 85 Scottish villas and 13 properties that were found after mistakenly being listed as demolished. Other homes were found when the shell and/or ruins were discovered to have been restored or fully incorporated into new structures. Surprisingly, a few buildings never even existed at all!

Due to his careful research and collaboration, Disley believes the information included on his site is at least 95% accurate, but he eagerly invites visitors to correct him if they find any mistakes. Disley uses over 40+ official Scottish resources to cross-reference his work. You can see his sources as well as the full list of homes on his website located here: Scotland’s Lost Country Houses