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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ancient Scotland

Martin McCarthy has been taking photographs of Scotland’s landscape since 1993 and selflessly documenting Scotland’s ancient sites online since 1995. Based out of Glasgow, McCarthy left his computer business to become a full-time photographer in 2007.

McCarthy’s story is evidence that when people follow their passions, all of us benefit. His website is modest, but he’s done a fantastic job organizing thousands of photos. Visitors can browse by list or map, and both are equally easy to navigate. What makes his site especially useful, however, is that he’s linked photos together based on location and distance. Click on any photograph and when you’re done, simply scroll to the bottom of the page to see other nearby sites which may grab your interest.

History lovers will be especially delighted with the rich details McCarthy provides with each set of photos. This is truly a hidden treasure that deserves a bookmark and a social share.

Find his website here and enjoy! http://www.ancient-scotland.co.uk/