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Mountain Bothies Association

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Bothies are a great way for groups of 5 or less to seek shelter from the elements while visiting remote areas and enjoying the glorious Scottish outdoors. Bothies are a wonderful example of community teamwork and when everyone follows basic guidelines, visiting one is almost always a pleasant experience.

Bothies are simple structures that lack most creature comforts outside of four walls and a roof. However, with careful planning, you can pack in essentials and a few extras to create a warm and welcoming arrangement in some of the most scenic and breathtaking locations around Scotland. And because the shelters are open to the public, there’s always the chance strangers will pop in and you’ll make new friends before your stay is over.

The Mountain Bothies Association seeks to educate outdoor enthusiasts about bothies and how to use and maintain them. The association provides detailed information about Scotland’s bothies, as well as a location map, maintenance reports, and a bothy code of conduct. You can also use the site to make bothy report.

If you decide to become a member of the Mountain Bothies Association, you’ll discover opportunities to join the work parties and crews that maintain some of the buildings. It’s a great way to help preserve the Scottish shelters that are especially critical and life-saving during emergencies.

You’ll find the website here: Mountain Bothies Association