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Scottish Words: A Fairy Tale Glossary

A body: a person Airt: direction Ahint: behind Bairn: child Baudrons: Scotch name for a cat Ben: in towards an inner room Ben: a mountain...

A Critical Inquiry into the Scottish Language

by Francisque-Michel, 1882 The Scotch language is acknowledged to be a dialect of the Saxon or old English, with some...

Saving Marytown

Though I set the windshield wipers on the fastest interval, they can not keep up with the rain. With...

Old Houses

It is a humid Tuesday in July, and I am standing on the shoulder of a dirt road in...

The Places We Come From

I was born and raised in Kodiak. For those who aren’t familiar, it is an island in the gulf...

Sometimes Island

(NOTE: Sometimes Island is part of Kodiak Island in Alaska, USA. The island is only reachable during low tide,...

When You Return

When you return, your hair will be longer and your Koniag skin darkened from the sun’s reflection shining off...

Beautiful Scotland

Fishtown of Usan, Scotland

Erected in 1822, Fishtown of Usan was once a...

South Queensferry, Scotland

Picturesque South Queensferry is a beautiful waterfront town about...

Catterline, Scotland

Catterline is a coastal village on the North Sea...

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